Pakistani Girls on Webcam Scandal in Yahoo and MSN Chat rooms

Posted by Munir Ahmad Saturday, June 18, 2011

I wonder when the elders and parents of our society will wake up, perhaps when everything will be ruined for their families. They are simply not understanding the perils and the dangers of the virtual social activities of their children, especially of the girls.

Sehrish, a 14 year old girl from Rawalpindi was raped by three boys in a hotel in Murree for the whole day and then she was lucky enough to reach to her home through police. She lost her dignity and went through hell because she was a careless net surfer. Her family is a conservative family and she always used to observe veil in public, but her parents didnt know that the world was watching their daughter without clothes through the webcams in the nights.

Sehrish used to make friends on the net in the Yahoo chat rooms, and then just out of fun, she used to take off her clothes in front of webcam for the boys to see. She soon became a sensation in the chat room and every boy wanted to see her and make friendship of her. She with her fragile mind didnt know the dangers, and she thought that who knows her. One day she was asked by a boy in chatroom to meet him in Islamabad. After much insistance she thought what the heck and she went to meet him. The boy acted nice and dropped her back after a nice lunch.

Then such meetings became frequent and one day boy asked her to accompany him to Murree in morning. Sehrish was fearless now. She went to Murree with him instead of going school. The boy took her to a hotel, and asked her that he wanted to see her nude live. She after some delay took her clothes off, and then the boy grabbed her and had a consensual sex. Sehrish wanted to go home now, but as both were laying naked in the bed, two more boys emerged under the bed and grabbed Sehrish and then they raped her. She was abused for five hours then, and the boys didn’t let her go anywhere, and they plucked every part of her body, and then left her senseless in the hotel room. She was found by waiter, who submitted her to police, who contacted her family.

The story isn’t ended here. Her nude pics are circulating all over the chat rooms, and internet sites and Pakistani debonair blog and host of other sex sites in Pakistan, according to a member of that chat room, who actually broke this story to me. According to him, this is just not the one case, but there are numerous other like this.

Would we wake up now?
By Amna Gilani


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